Lynt at a glance

Lynt is an established PPC agency with a great marketing and technology team. We are a Google Premier Partner and an Sklik certified agency. We have been on the market since 2012 and from the very beginning we have placed great emphasis on technical knowledge and automation.

We try to be active in communities and you can see us lecturing at many conferences not only in the Czech Republic.

Our Team

We are pioneers in the automation of PPC campaigns. We manage global campaigns with budgets in the tens of thousands of €.

Jakub Kašparů
12 years of managing PPC campaigns, 5 years of scripting in Google Ads.
Management of marketing budgets, strategies of international projects and large online projects on a global scale.

Vláďa Smitka
Analytics and servers
Specializing in network and web technologies, security, and data analytics. Speaker at many professional conferences, long-term judge in the WebTop100 competition.

Jan Smitka
Over 15 years of experience in the development of complex applications. From analysis through development management to deployment and operation. Advanced knowledge of a wide range of programming languages ​​and technologies.
"The PPC Robot tool perfectly captures how we work at Lynt, what values ​​we profess, and shows the breadth of our reach. It streamlines the work of PPCers, automates many activities in Google Ads and Sklik, and helps to make decisions based on data. It is also a web application using modern and time-tested technologies - such as Vue.js, RabbitMQ, Django. We run the application ourselves using Kubernetes on the infrastructure in Google Cloud, which we manage ourselves."

Marketing Team

Our specialists under the leadership of Jakub Kašparů
PPC specialist, 6 years at Lynt
Social network and PPC , 6 years at Lynt
PPC specialist, 3 years at Lynt
PPC Specialist, 3 years at Lynt
PPC specialist, 3 years at Lynt
PPC specialist and graphic design, 2 years at Lynt
Project management, 2 years at Lynt
Marketing and administration, 1 year at Lynt
PPC, 1 year at Lynt
PPC Robot
PPC administration assistant

Development Team

Our developers under the leadership of Honza Smitka
Python / PHP developer, 1 year at Lynt
Python developer, 2 years at Lynt
Python developer, 2 years at Lynt
Python developer, fresh at Lynt
Python developer, fresh at Lynt
Python developer

Our Offices

The main part of our marketing team is based in České Budějovice and the development is in Pilsen.

České Budějovice

We carried out a reconstruction and created beautiful multifunctional offices in České Budějovice. We also use them for conferences, meetings, and workshops.
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We are based in our own offices within the HUB 2.0 coworking.
Find us at hub 2.0

Conferences and lectures

We are active in the community and professional groups, so you can see us lecturing at events in the Czech Republic and abroad.
PPC Masters

Advanced automated AdWords reports

Jakub Kašparů presented the possibilities of AdWords automation using Google App Script at an international conference in Berlin.

WordPress through the bad guys' glasses

Vláďa Smitka spoke about WordPress security at the world's largest WordPress conference in Berlin.

Advanced automatization in Sklik

Jakub Kašparů presented a case study on Sklik automation using Google App Script.
Google Performance and BRAND Summit

PPC reporting in Data Studio

Jakub Kašparů spoke at the official Google conference and showed how he uses Data Studio for reporting in PPC.
Our lectures have already been given at dozens of events and conferences
Detailed overview of events

Community support

We regularly support many community educational IT events.

We support the WordPress community

We have been active in the WordPress community for a long time - we help organize and sponsor meetings and conferences.

We support the Python community

We have long sponsored the official Python conference, Pycon. We are active in the Pilsen community and help organize Pyvo meetings.

We support IT talent

We provide facilities for organizing Czechitas IT courses and partially participate as mentors.

We support South Bohemian IT events

We support the marketing and development community meetings, Čtvrtkon. We provide facilities for their organization.

We are involved in other events and projects

Lynt services s.r.o

We have been creating more effective campaigns for 11 years, speeding up websites and enchancing their security. We combine marketing, development, and automation.
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