We are a marketing and technology team

Quality online marketing combining development, automation, data analytics, project management, and new non-traditional methods.

We specialize in

Online campaign management and automation

Budget management and marketing based on client data

Website performance, security, and hosting

Training and consulting

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Our clients and projects are taken care of by 10 marketing specialists and 6 developers.

Jakub Kašparů

12 years of managing PPC campaigns, 5 years of scripting in Google Ads.
Management of marketing budgets, strategies of international projects and large online projects on a global scale.

Vláďa Smitka

Analytics and servers
Specializing in network and web technologies, security, and data analytics. Speaker at many professional conferences, long-term judge in the WebTop100 competition.

Jan Smitka

Over 15 years of experience in the development of complex applications. From analysis through development management to deployment and operation. Advanced knowledge of a wide range of programming languages ​​and technologies.
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Our Projects

PPC Robot

From the ground up, we created a unique tool for report automation of PPC campaigns - from PPC specialists for PPC specialists. Thanks to automation, we save hundreds of hours of work every month. With PPC Robot you can too.
more about ppc robot

Marketing Miner

We collaborate on the development of SEO tools for data enrichment.
more about marketing miner


We make our work easier with small, single-purpose tools. Maybe one will be useful for you as well.
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We know that having a fast and secure website is the key to success.
get your website audited

EDU Lynt

We train and give lectures at conferences. We support the Open Source community.
get educated

Cloud Office

We have extensive experience with team collaboration tools. We are happy to help you in this area.

A new ambitious project

Everything is still a secret :-)

Lynt services s.r.o

We have been creating more effective campaigns for 11 years, speeding up websites and enchancing their security. We combine marketing, development, and automation.
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