Marketing is our life

We base our marketing on analysis and data. We develop our own tools to streamline our activities. A team of 10 full-time specialists led by Jakub Kašparů, who has more than 12 years of experience in the field, will take care of your campaigns. The marketing team is further complemented by 6 developers.
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Marketing services

Manage PPC campaigns

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other PPC systems. We use our own unique experience and methods.

Marketing project management

We manage marketing projects in the modern tool, Asana. We manage the budgets of advertising systems and develop a long-term strategy.

Online strategy audit

Review online strategies, processes, and structure of advertising accounts. All based on your goals and data.

Brand and social network management

Strategies for gradually building a brand through videos and other content. Social network management, analytics, and other methods.
Meet our Team

Milan Merglevský
“I used keyword analysis to better set up PPC campaigns, improve the architecture of the website in relation to the customer queries used, but also to expand the network of affiliate partners. I think the investment has paid off and I am glad that I chose Lynt colleagues to collaborate on this analysis. "

Tomáš Děkan
“ would probably not exist without Thanks to their great work on PPC campaigns for the global market, we are growing by the required 300% per year. Lynt also strives to improve your internal processes and things on the web, and if you listen to them, you won't regret it.”

Kateřina Fojtíková

“We have been cooperating with Lynt for more than 3 years, we take the whole team as part of our internal team, even though it is located 150 km from our offices. Their proactive approach to improving our PPC campaigns has always brought us great results, I could always fully rely on the whole team and they have solved all of our requests  very quickly."

Radek Pavel
“We have been cooperating with Lynt and Jakub Kašparů for the fourth, maybe even the fifth year. We went a long way together and thanks to them we grew into what we are today.
I enjoy open and direct communication with them, thanks to which we solve things in PPC that are really important to us and generate many benefits.
Lynt colleagues are able to respond quickly and flexibly to current situations, developments and new assignments, and make changes so that the client is satisfied.
For me personally, the great network of contacts from Jakub are also a benefit, thanks to which he connected me with other specialists who enrich not only our business life."

Petr Staněk
“Lynt has gradually become an important partner in our global mission. We appreciate the high technical level and human approach. We value our cooperation and consider Lynt to be part of our global team.”

Kateřina Langhammerová

Business Service Center
“We have been cooperating with Lynt services sro since 2016 in the field of online marketing. We appreciate their professional approach, creativity, and reliability."

Tomáš Bzirský
“We have been cooperating with Lynt for over 2 years, and thanks to their knowledge and commitment, Košík's performance campaigns are sky rocketing. Their experience helps us identify weaknesses. We couldn't have chosen a better company for performance campaigns."

Lynt services s.r.o

We have been creating more effective campaigns for 11 years, speeding up websites and enchancing their security. We combine marketing, development, and automation.
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