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Aktuálně: Hledáme Python vývojáře pro projekt PPC Robot, který právě vyšel ve verzi 1.0. Podporujeme PyCon CZ 2019.

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Global scan - exposed .git repos

At the beginning of July, I decided to do some research on Czech websites to find out how many are not properly configured and allow access to the .git folder within the file versions repository. There were many of these sites in my database from the previous security scans and I was curious about the current state.

WordPress version: To hide or not to hide?

Should you hide your WordPress version? Will it enhance security of your site? Probably not! In this article you can read the reasons and learn a brand new method to determine WP version.

Optimize Your WebApp's Peformance: Key Things to Analyze

The following article relates to the speech I recently gave about WordPress Performance Tuning on the 7th WordPress Czech Community Conference. The article summarizes the important points that were given during the speech and provides a few examples.

WordPress in the Czech Republic - complex research

A few months ago I explored 1000 of the most visited Czech websites and tried to detect if they use WordPress. If so, I was interested in which WP version they ran on. However there were only a few dozen sites running on WP. This research showed only a small preview of the Czech WordPress scene. I decided to do much more complex research and explore almost all active Czech Wordpress sites. I used our internal website index and wrote a crawler which searched other connected sites. In a month I revealed more than 65 thousand Czech WordPress sites.